Blog Basics for Wedding Planners

I am sure you have heard that as a small business in the wedding industry that it is important to have a blog.

“It’s good for SEO!”

“You need to show your personal style!”

“You need to engage with potential clients!”

Well here is the thing… these reasons are all well and good (and true)… but there are a few key things you need to understand in order to blog effectively.

  • It is about providing value to your future clients.
  • It takes time (years, even) to build substantial traffic.
  • Traffic is just ONE of many reasons why you should blog.
  • It is NOT about going viral.
  • It is about establishing yourself in the local professional community.

1 – Just start writing.

You need to get your ideas out there and everyone starts somewhere. My first blog on my wedding planning website was a mood board for a hypothetical event. I didn’t have any weddings to share yet, so I just shared some curated inspiration. If you do have events already that you can share… get on it!

2 – You probably already have content.

Those events you are doing? Get images from the photographer and start publishing. Writing a blog post is better than just popping the images in a gallery or portfolio. You can talk about the couple, the planning process, your design inspirations, and unique details of the event.

When blogging about your events be sure to include these key details:

  • Credit the photographer and link back to their website
  • Mention & link to the venue(s) and include their City & State
  • Details about design/theme/inspiration
  • Time of year that the wedding took place

Some things to leave out of your post?

  • Last names or any addresses and other identifying information (be careful of Invitation Suites that might have addresses!)
  • Photos of young children (unless you have explicit permission from the parent of the child)
  • Tons of family portraits
  • Images of intoxicated party guests

Having a hard time finding the time but you have a lot of weddings to blog about? Let’s chat…

3 – What else can I blog about?

What are some common questions you get asked about your wedding planning process? Those questions can often turn into fantastic and informative blog posts! Is there something you feel people need to know before they start planning their weddings? Boom! Blog Post. Do you have feelings about the wedding industry, traditions, or trends? Yup – that can be a bunch of blog posts!

4 – Have a brainstorming session

Sit down and just write out every idea you can think of for 5 minutes. I bet in that time you will come up with a few great topics to start with.

Ok, but how often do I need to blog?

Honestly there is not a hard and fast rule as to how often you need to publish. In part, it depends on your ultimate goal for the blog. Do you want a huge following and tons of website traffic? Do you want to reach a specific kinds of clients? Do you want to rank on google for particular keywords?

If traffic is your ultimate goal, you need to write A LOT. OFTEN. FOR A WHILE.

If speaking to your ideal client is the goal, high quality, meaningful content is key.

If local SEO ranking for your business is most important, regular posts highlighting local events and name dropping venues is a good plan.

No matter your goal, consistency is important. You don’t have to blog daily or weekly to see some impact, but you should TRY to get something up at least monthly. Twice a month is awesome. The more time between posts, the longer it will take to grow your audience and traffic, but something is better than nothing!

Share Share Share!

Your posts will not get read if you just publish and let them sit on your website! Share to your social networks, Facebook groups, and by email. Do not forget to share on Pinterest and let your followers know there is a new post over on Instagram!

Still not sure you have time to blog?

Let us help! Greenwold Reisen has blog management and content marketing packages to help energize your blog, or get it going in the first place!

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