Ok, so you know you need a blog, but you just don’t have time to upload, format, and share your work? Our Blog Management packages are the perfect option if you have the content or images but just needs someone to do the work of getting it out there.

The Blogger → $75/mo

The Blogger is a maintenance package which includes formatting and publishing of 2 blog posts a month, plus basic web admin tasks.

The Influencer → $150/mo

The Influencer includes the same services as the Blogger, but includes up to 4 blog posts per month.

The Maven → $400/mo

Editing, formatting, and publishing of up to 8 blog posts a month, basic site admin, plus scheduling your blog posts to share on your Facebook business page.

Want to put together a customized blogging package? Let me know what you need! Get in touch with the form below!